Meet the Artist!

Hi! I am a dog mom of two rescues (Hef and Sierra), hooman mom to a toddler, military spouse, artist, and self proclaimed professional marshmallow toaster.

(Toasted brown all around with a gooey center? I got the craft for that).

My days are spent chasing that sweet, sweet goal of balance, while also reminding myself it’s all about the journey, right?

When my artist hat is on, you can find me in my art studio, lovingly called the Sheila Shed, or working from a local coffee shop in my home town of San Diego.

It all began in 2017. What started as watercolors, turned into doodles, turned into non stop creative thinking about exploring different styles, new techniques, and fun modems for my art and designs. My community (hello pack, I see you!!) is my voice of reason for the crazy, zany ideas I frequently come up with!

Over ten thousand portraits later, I am more grateful than ever to be drawing, designing, plotting and painting the furbs that are so loved around the globe.

Children's books came to my life not so naturally.

Today, in addition to my signature design drops and fine art pieces, I have walking into the world of children’s books.

The truth is, I’m not sure I ever ‘grew up’ and although you will see “business owner and CEO” after my name, I prefer to live in the land of art + creativity. My first published book, by authors Ashley Ionconetti and Jared Haibon from the Bachelor in Paradise, stoked the fire of my love of illustration. Now, I am also working on Becoming Kaxan, a wags to riches story of Austin Texas’s news channel mascot.

I’m excited to meet you + your furb! Whether impawstos are your jam, funky digitals fill your heart, or you are looking for fine art to live on your walls, the Sheila Chen Art Team is excited to read and respond to your inquiry within 42 hours during business days.