Meet the Artist!

Hi! I am a dog mom of two rescues (Hef and Sierra), and hooman mom to a sweet infant and a five-year-old master self-proclaimed master builder. I also wear the hat of a military spouse, artist, and amateur coffee connoisseur.

My days are spent chasing that all elusive sweet, sweet goal of balance, while also reminding myself it’s all about the journey, right?

When my artist hat is on, you can find me in my backyard art studio or working from a local coffee shop in my home town of San Diego.

When my mom hat is on, you can find me and my fam running around in all the museums, parks, and dog-friendly walks! We like half days of nerding at home and then outdoor exploration with friends!

You just being here, reading this, is the only prerequisite needed to join my pack. My pack is full of the best hoomans that make all of what I do so meaningful!

My love of art is insatiable!

The reason why you find so many different mediums here is because it's all play for me! I like to try new things ALL the time. There are times in my exploration and play that I find a medium or offering that both lights me up EVERY SINGLE time I make it AND it's pawpular with the pack! Those become permanent listings in my life-- like inks, impawstos, and digitals.

I minored in art history in college and I have a deep love of story telling. I try to meld it all together with my experience as an artist to create unique, heartfelt pieces with your furbs as my inspiration and pawdels!

There was a time in 2022 where I experienced vestibular neuritis (don't ever feed me cheese!) I became dizzy 24/7 for four months STRAIGHT. Non stop. No breaks. I was dizzy all day even when I was laying down. It was miserable. I had never felt so depressed. Many times in that experience I thought I would have to give up being an artist. But when I figured out it was all a reaction to cheese and symptoms went away, I discovered a renowned passion for what I do.

I love being a pet portrait artist. I love the pack that I gained along the way. I love every day of my life and all that I do! And I am grateful I can tell my kids as they grow up that mama paints dogs and cats (and all sorts of critters) as her full-time job. The version you get of me now is a version I am very proud of.

I’m excited to meet you + your furb! Whether impawstos are your jam, funky digitals fill your heart, or you are looking for fine art to live on your walls, the Sheila Chen Art Team is excited to read and respond to your inquiry within 48 hours during business days.