Ink Sketches

These sketches are a perfect blend of fine art technique and wild creative bursts of expression! Each ink has a unique background painted in a predetermined palette. New palettes are introduced every month on a limited basis, but bright and earthy palettes are permanently available.

Inks start at $60 and take ten business days to ship.


Eye candy for your walls!

I created impawstos from a deep desire to let loose and find a style that is completely me. They are pet portraits painted entirely out of a palette knife. Each painting is just as special as your furb-- one of a kind.

Impawstos start at $60 and take ten business days to ship.

Pet Rocks, Elevated

These pet portraits on agate slices, otherwise called Pawgates, were created as a limited special, but found its way to my permanent repertoire!

Illustrations are created with traditional calligraphy, illustrated on agate slices from a local store (shop small!)

Pawgates start at $75 and take 10 days to ships.


Spring lives furever in these prints! Every week you fund my love of bouquets and we get to create some silly magic out of each bloom.

You get an 8x10 print AND a digital copy for personal printing uses.

Furever Florals start at $60 and take ten days to ship.