Introducing Subscriptions

Introducing Subscriptions

Introducing Subscriptions

I am starting a monthly subscription for pet portraits and have launched the Beta Testing Group! This is my way of honoring my pack, letting them get more exclusive content, and for me to have a more sustainable business.

How does it work?? Let me tell you:

1. Pick your pack that best suits your needs and budget! ALL packs get a chance to vote for every artwork included in the subscription, be part of exclusive texts, and have access to private YouTube Lives with giveaway opportunities.

2. Confirmation. A Welcome packet will be emailed to you. Think of it as your homework. It is of utmost IMPAWTANCE that you text the special code in your welcome packet!

3. ENJOY! Enjoy being part of the creative process, behind the scenes, special deals, and monthly treats! Once you get your package, please feel free to share it and tag @sheilachenart to be featured! 

Interested in getting involved? Get to know the packs here:


There are spaces open NOW and I would love to have you a part of this exclusive community.