Hey Corgeous!

Hey Corgeous!

Hey Corgeous!

I did something for the first time EVER this month… I attended my first Corgi Party!! Listen, Corgi's BRING the party. They are serious about their pawties and I was SO here for it. I came ready to paint three different flavors of inks: strawberry, waffles, and mint chocolate chip. Was I adequately prepared? No, I sure wasn't. The amount of love, laughter, drool, and butts was overwhelming in the best way possible. I'll drop more photos below for you to see. It's worth the scroll. 

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Together we raised well over a grand for Scoops San Diego – check them out here 👉🏻👉🏻  (https://scoopsandiego.org), an ice cream for fundraising organization that benefits underserved communities in the area! My neighbor booth was Wynston's Ice CreamHands down, best cookies n' cream I had. Maybe it was being in the sun the entire time, maybe it was seeing all the bouncing loafs, or maybe it was just that good. Either way, you can bet I'm taking my family over to get a flight of scoops (that's right, they do flights!)

There were raffles, activities like a corgi race (whaaaat), and plenty of treats for everypawdy! We had howlers, prowlers, booty shaking flowers. They were so fun to watch and to draw. It was wayyyyyy better than the human parties JJ and I typically attend. Sheila Chen Art is now accepting any and all invitations to your upcoming pet pawties!!!

To celebrate and honor the incredible fan group that is #corgination, we just HAD to add our Corgi Muse to our Hump Train!! Here we go: Ziggy!!! @Ziggy_TheCorgi Our Hump Day Conductor! 

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PS. I love small businesses and here are a few you might want to connect with that were a part of the Corgi Party!!

  1. Get in on the ice cream train with Wynston's! Follow them on IG @wynstonsicecream
  2. All photo credits from the Corgi Party go to Ting Milaythong, https://www.pmilaythong.com
  3. Learn more about Scoops San Diego! https://scoopsandiego.org