hello there

I'm a dog mom of two rescues, a military spouse, and a painter. With coffee and a
bowl of fruit at hand, my days are happily filled with adorable animals and creating
pun-filled stories for kids!
Pet portraits came to my life naturally. I have always loved animals and painting them
brought me so much joy. When I first started offering friends and family pet portraits,
it became clear to me that this was an avenue worth pursuing. Not only do I get to
sharpen my technical skills with every portrait, but I also get to provide a fur-ever gift
to such doting pet parents. Win-win!
Children's books came to my life not so naturally. Post college and
teaching/managing an art studio for kids, I wanted to pursue animation. I was readying
up a portfolio to (yet again) apply to school when we got our first orders. Now,
embracing the military life and it's constant hurdles, I am determined to find a
creative career in story telling. My books are filled with puns, endearing characters,
and a whole lot of color!

Pursuing a creative life is nuts but also so fulfilling. I am overwhelmed with gratitude
every day with all the support you guys give me. Thank you for making this dream
possible. I mean it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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