Pet Spotlight!

  1. Katherine says:

    Oh wow! You are so very talented! These pet portraits are incredible and the details in each one are truly what makes these special. I need this stat for my dog Juno!

  2. Georgia says:

    I’m blown away! You’re incredibly talented!! And I love reading about your challenges and how you overcame them for this project.

  3. Kara says:

    Your pet portraits are so beautiful! I just commissioned a family watercolor a few months ago, but you are totally on my radar for some pet portraits of my three loves! My dogs all have curly, shaggy hair and I think you did a great job!

  4. WOW You are an amazing artist! I totally agree with that as an artist we are hard on ourself but your work speaks for itself that you have high standards and you prove them very well. Stay Proud!!

  5. Hilary says:

    You have such an eye and attention to detail! And I am so impressed that it’s only colored pencils. I can imagine this took a while to finish! You are extremely talented!

  6. Serena says:

    You are so talented! And this is a great gift idea!

  7. Wow, these portraits are stunning! As someone who owns a Bichon mix, I love all the time you took to get the curls right! And so amazing that you were able to accommodate a rush order! And I agree, those snoots might be the best part!

  8. Your pet portraits are so beautiful! What a lucky pet owner. Thank you for sharing your process as well.

  9. Jennifer M Outlaw says:

    What a lucky lady to have a hubby do something so thoughtful for her birthday! I know she absolutely loved this. I know you said it was a challenges, but you KILLED their curls! Seriously, so much detail that I felt like I could pet the picture and feel the hair. Beautifully done.

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